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The best real money slot games in Canada

After checking several reliability criteria, we have chosen the best real money slot machines in Canada for you. These slot games were selected from general impressions of the game, payout ratio, paylines, reels and developers.

Best Slot machine game types

With the success that there has been in online casinos, game developers have created several variations of online slots and each of them have their own unique style. For example, Microgaming draws its ideas from the most famous films to animate the slot machines it develops. There are therefore several types of slot machines to offer so that each player can choose on the theme he prefers.

The peculiarity of the online slot machine apart from its diversity, is the possibility of winning free spins or bonuses. But other than that, there are several types, like:

  • The 3-reel slot machine. This is the most classic of slot machines. It has 3 lines of games including a payment line, the middle line. This is the version found on the land-based casino.
  • The 5-reel. Slot machine Compared to the classic slot machines which have only 3 lines of play, the 5-reel slot machine has 2 additional lines, which makes the game even more interesting. This version is only available on online slots.
  • Progressive Jackpot. Slot machines with progressive jackpots are those designed by famous designers that offer players a very generous sum of up to one million euros or dollars. On this type of slot machine, players are not limited on the deposit they can make.

Slot Machine Games

Book of Ra
If we refer to the reviews on the web, Book of Ra is one of the most popular and entertaining slot machine games. Introducing punters to the mysterious world of ancient Egypt, the game is easy to play, and features better sound and graphics. The real money game in Switzerland created by Novomatic contains 5 reels in the form of Treasures of Egypt, with 10 paylines. The payout rate of the Book of Ra slot is 94.26%.

Starburst is among the best slots on the web. This online casino game offers its players experiences like no other, exploring an intergalactic universe. The game consists of 5 reels representing precious stones (Emerald, Sapphire, Diamonds, etc.), with 10 paylines. The payout rate of this game designed by NetEnt is 96.1%.

Immortal Romance
With the Immortal Romance Slot Machine, players have all the odds on their side while playing. Designed by developer Microgaming, Immortal Romance is the favorite game for gamers who love secrets. On the graphics side, everything is perfect! The slot machine lulls internet users with romance music, with a touch of sad melody. With the number of bonuses offered by the slot operator, gamblers have enough to be loyal to the game.

Thunderstruck II
Thunderstruck is a very well known slot machine game, but this second version has gained even more popularity among players. Plunging into a fantasy world, the video slot shows many characters from Marvel films, like the Avengers. Thunderstruck II Slot Machine has 5 reels with 243 paylines. The slot was designed by developer Microgaming and has a payout rate of 96.6%.

Jungle Jim El Dorado
As for the Jungle Jim El Dorado slot machine game, it is a fantastic universe with jungle animals that fans discover while playing it. Offering numerous bonuses such as free spins, the slot is popular with online gaming players. The game contains 5 reels and offers 3 paylines to bettors. Even though the slot machine only has 3 lines, its payout rate is quite high. Indeed, this online casino slot has an RTP of 96.31% and was created by the indisputable developer Microgaming.

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